Chelny Khleb Group of Companies consists of ZAO Chelny-Khleb (Close Joint-Stock Company) that is a leader of bread-baking industry of Tatarstan; Rodniye Kraya-Tugan Yak farm business, Tortugaliya confectionary plant, Chelny Khleb trade house, Chelny Logistik distribution center that stores, dispatches, packs, sells vegetables and fruit by wholesale, and Chelny food manufacturing enterprise that processes meat, fish and vegetables.
Chelny Khleb stores
have already been existing
over 20 years in the market
Chelny Khleb
trade house
has 54 stores.
Chelny Khleb stores
are located in 6 cities
of Tatarstan.
Chelny Khleb
has 2500 employees.
Advantages of Chelny Khleb stores:
  1. 1. Convenient shop Chelny Khleb chain consists of stores and supermarkets which are very close to home. Always beside, always convenient.
  2. 2. Reasonable prices Chelny-Khleb offers plenty of goods at reasonable prices. Attractive special offers, discounts and goods catalogue always make customers happy.
  3. 3.Fresh and delicious foo Chelny Khleb assortment means products for those who strive to make a menu healthier and more delicious
  4. 4. Own production Own production. Our cookery specialists cook, bake and make delicious side dishes, salads, meat specialties, flavourful bakery food, as well as meat, fish and vegetable semi-finished products eagerly
  5. 5. Polite personnel In Chelny-Khleb stores there is always polite personnel that makes your shopping more pleasant and convenient. В
  6. 6. Chelny –Khleb always follows its motto«Freshness! Quality! Reasonable prices»
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Contact information:

Tel.: (8552) 58-02-66

Address: Republic of Tatarstan, the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Moskovskiy Pr. 72A